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Sam Dutton


Sam Dutton

Advocate for Google Chrome.

I maintain simpl.info, which provides simplest possible examples of HTML, CSS and JavaScript.

I grew up in South Australia, went to university in Sydney, and have lived since 1986 in London.

From 2008 to 2010 I was a Senior Engineer at BBC R&D Prototyping and WP5 Technical Lead for the P2P-Next project.

From 1999 to 2008 I worked for ITN, where I built the Shotlister news video cataloguing application using the Qt framework. From 1991 to 1998 I was a typesetter and Mac systems manager at Decca Records. For several years in the early 90s, I worked as a temp secretary, and learned a lot about UI and UX from the sharp end. Before that, I had worked for a 18 months at Picador Books, and previously for other publishers in Sydney.

I've designed and coded lots of web sites, including previous incarnations of itn.co.uk, yellowdiva.com, deccaclassics.com and smithgil.co.uk.

I used to be a governor at Ravenstone School in Balham, south London, and co-ran two Code Clubs.

I've had a blog since 2001 at samdutton.blogspot.com, but there's not much to see. More recently I've blogged at samdutton.wordpress.com:

School reports: There's An App For That!
Debugging Google Chrome extensions
Debugging signals and slots in Qt
Eliza Lives!
Treat Yourself Right
Python is (not) better than C
Snowpersons of Balham
I've presented at lots of events including Google I/O and Chrome Dev Summit:

Chrome Developer Tools Evolution
Real-time communication with WebRTC
Media APIs for the multi-platform web
...written articles for HTML5 Rocks:

Getting started with WebRTC
WebRTC in the real world: STUN, TURN and signaling
Getting started with the Track element
Measuring page load speed with Navigation Timing
...and a couple of posts for the BBC:

The Mozilla Audio Data API: what do the numbers mean?
HTML5 and timed media
I have several Spotify playlists:

Email: samdutton at gmail dot com

Twitter: @sw12

Google+: plus.samdutton.com

Facebook: facebook.com/samdutton

LinkedIn: uk.linkedin.com/in/samdutton

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