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Jumaat, 29 Julai 2022

Say hi to Token Issue, Tech in Asia’s crypto newsletter

Selamat Datang di postingan sederhana dari Teams Bengkel Cargo lift Online 
Kami senang tiasa Membagikan Artikel Sederhana yang di himpun dari Admin Admin kami di berbagai Tempat Waktu setiap saat yang sudah di setujui kedua belah pihak 

Say hi to Token Issue, Tech in Asia’s crypto newsletter

Lately, crypto has become something of a hobby for me.

There’s nothing quite like its intoxicating mix of tech, finance, and economics.

It’s already leaving an imprint on the masses, inspiring hate and love in equal measure and serving as fertile soil for both cynical scammers and sincere technologists.

Blockchain, crypto, Web3, DLT … whatever you choose to call it, this industry has become something we can’t ignore.

Whether it eventually flames out or becomes the best thing since sliced bread, I want to be a part of it. I’m no engineer, so unpacking and analyzing this movement will do.

This is why we’ve ramped up our crypto coverage and formed a dedicated team for it.

It’s also why - after much procrastination - we’re launching this newsletter, which serves as your guide to our coverage as well as the hottest topics in crypto.

Our approach is simple: We’re not here to shove Web3 down your throats. We want to cover the good, bad, and ugly of the space in language that’s accessible to non-crypto folks.

For our debut issue, we’ll talk about Three Arrows Capital, the mushrooming of new Ethereum killers, and more.

We’ll also discuss whether Helium, a highly touted Web3 project, is just a load of hot air.

Let’s dive in.

-- Terence

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