247 Job News Saifudin Hidayat: Shopee is making ‘adjustments’ to its headcount

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Khamis, 16 Jun 2022

Shopee is making ‘adjustments’ to its headcount

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Shopee is making ‘adjustments’ to its headcount

When I first joined Tech in Asia, our Singapore office was located in one of the Suntec City office towers. The lift lobbies had these advertising screens, where they were displaying those cringeworthy Cristiano Ronaldo Shopee ads. “They must’ve spent 99% of the marketing budget on him,” was my thought at the time.

Today, the decision-makers at the Southeast Asian unicorn must wish it still had that much loose change lying around. Instead, it’s making “adjustments” to its headcount that will impact its teams in Southeast Asia and Latin America.

This isn’t the company’s first round of cost-cutting measures this year, either. Find out more in today’s premium article.

Also, Tech in Asia is keeping track of the layoffs happening across Asia’s startup ecosystem. You can help us maintain this list by sending in any information on job cuts and affected employees.

-- Winston

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