247 Job News Saifudin Hidayat: LeadSquared gallops into unicorn territory

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Sabtu, 25 Jun 2022

LeadSquared gallops into unicorn territory

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LeadSquared gallops into unicorn territory

Earlier this week, I was a groomsman for a friend’s wedding.

I love weddings - good food, good drinks, and good vibes all around - so I had a great time. Towards the end of the night, some of the married men in the crowd came up to the groom, congratulating him on getting hitched and saying “welcome to the club.” He did just reach a pretty significant milestone in life, after all.

Similarly, one of our top fundraisers this week has become a unicorn, thanks to its latest capital injection.

LeadSquared, an India-based sales automation SaaS firm, has raised a cool US$153 million in its series C round, pushing its valuation past US$1 billion. The company will use the money to double down on growth investments in India and North America.

The startup also plans to set up operations in Asia Pacific, Europe, Africa, and the Middle East, as well as fund acquisitions and expand its product portfolio.

You can find all other important investment deals that happened in the last few days in our weekly funding news wrap-up.

Let’s dive into the biggest deals and M&As that recently took place.

-- Nathaniel

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