247 Job News Saifudin Hidayat: How will this Indian edtech firm’s acquisition plans work out?

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Jumaat, 24 Jun 2022

How will this Indian edtech firm’s acquisition plans work out?

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How will this Indian edtech firm’s acquisition plans work out?

 recently got started on the latest season of The Boys, an irreverent take on what a massive superhero industry would look like, and I can’t recommend it enough. When we think of having great power, I believe many of us would default to Uncle Ben’s dying words to Peter Parker: “With great power comes great responsibility.”

The Boys takes a look at this from the opposite end of the spectrum: absolute power corrupts absolutely. The scary thing is, much of what is shown seems like it could play out that way in real life - superheroes backed by powerful organizations doing whatever they want and using whatever means they have to go about it.

That said, while startups might not generally be considered as powerful as a fictional superhero company like Vought, many of them do have the potential to hold lots of sway. For India-based edtech firm BrightChamps, its new US$100 million war chest for acquisitions means that it will have to ensure that it’s responsible when buying up other companies.

-- Jonathan

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