247 Job News Saifudin Hidayat: The good and bad of Vietnam’s GameFi boom

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Jumaat, 17 Jun 2022

The good and bad of Vietnam’s GameFi boom

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When I was pursuing my communications diploma, smartphone game Flappy Bird - created by Vietnamese developer Nguyen Ha Dong - was all the rage. My classmates and I would play the game during breaks between lectures, aggressively trying to fly the titular bird and dodge the green pipes to register the highest score.

Flappy Bird has been long gone, but Vietnam’s gaming scene has produced other sensations. Recently, blockchain-based game Axie Infinity has taken off in Southeast Asia, and the studio behind it, Sky Mavis, has achieved unicorn status.

This has sparked a massive GameFi wave in Vietnam, which is poised to be an early mover in the sector. Since the cryptocurrency world has had some shake-ups recently, it’s too early to say if GameFi will propel Vietnam’s tech scene to new heights.

Today we look at:
What’s going on in Vietnam’s tech scene
A blockchain-focused climate tech startup
Other newsy highlights such as Didi’s potential delisting and Oyo’s IPO plans
-- Stefanie

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