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Monday, April 5, 2021

Taking Your Restaurant to New Heights With Dumbwaiters

For restaurants that have several floors of seating, there's usually fair one kitchen down on the main floor. This makes a bit of a problem, in that waiters and waitresses must be constantly ferrying meals and empty plates up and down the stairs. Not only does this make a desire for a larger staff during busy hours, but it also makes a more stressful work environment for your employees, and it makes congestion on staircases being shared by patrons and servers. Adding in one or several dumbwaiters can eliminate all of these issues in a single step.

It is an ungainly expertise to be headed to your table at a edifice throughout busy hours and be squeezed into a stairway with servers laden with dirty dishes and full meals, dashing back and forth to tables of impatient individuals whereas you are attempting to remain out of the approach. The servers, meanwhile, become annoyed at having to dodge customers whereas making an attempt to urge to all or any of their tables as quickly as potential, and also the scenario quickly feeds on itself to become a problem for everybody concerned.

Imagine instead associate surroundings wherever every floor is staffed by associate freelance team of servers, and a try of dumbwaiters handles the rest: one carries orders simply to the servers, another takes dirty dishes back to the room, and also the customers and hosts get the stairway all to themselves.


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