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Saturday, December 12, 2020

The Basics of Fitness Might Be Boring But They‘reIncredibly Effective | Thomas O'Grady in In Fitness And In Health

The Basics of Fitness Might Be Boring But They'reIncredibly Effective | Thomas O'Grady in In Fitness And In Health

Stories for blogger aja. Covid-19 Is Looking More and More Like an Autoimmune Disease. Work from a calendar, not a To-Do list.. The Toxic Romance of Mental Disorder and Substance Abuse.
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Stories for blogger aja
Today's highlights
Thoughts on Cape Fear and how at age 48 Robert DiNero reshaped his body to play a convict
Autoimmunity may explain how the virus inflicts such widespread and unpredictable damage
Markham Heid in ElementalMember only content6 min read
5 simple tricks to get sh*t done.
Walking through the day means nursing a universe of emptiness cradled between the chest and stomach
In case you missed it
Pandemic headhunting is boosting my ego at the same pace as it's boosting my doubts
A non-invasive brain-modulating device that quiets ringing in the ears
Simon Spichak in PredictMember only content3 min read
The 20-year journey of Ben Chestnut, founder of MailChimp
Quick reads
The very purpose of a relationship is self-development
I'm so tired. My son is turning 3 next month. He has been getting 45 minutes a week of early intervention for…
"Stop talking. You're making the rest of us stupid."
Best in Art
Your novel doesn't care if you think you're done.
Alexander CheeMember only content6 min read
Best in Self
If daily routines don't work for you, there is an alternative

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