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Thursday, November 19, 2020

The Man Who Predicted the Housing Market Crash Just Made a Big Move | S I Ahmed in The Startup

The Man Who Predicted the Housing Market Crash Just Made a Big Move | S I Ahmed in The Startup

Stories for blogger aja. The №1 Trait You Need in a Life Partner. The One Technology That Will Change Everything. A 1973 Double Homicide Cold Case Has Been Solved.
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Stories for blogger aja
Today's highlights
Dr. Micheal Burry's big bets on "four companies"
S I Ahmed in The StartupMember only content5 min read
If your partner has this you're winning.
We are on the threshold of a new age
Ella Alderson in PredictMember only content6 min read
The arrest of eighty-two-year-old Ernest Broadnax may lead to the resolution of ten other murders.
In case you missed it
Science says give it this much time
As of Election Day 2020, 1 in 3 Americans live in a state where adults can legally buy cannabis. Here's what…
By Velvet Ross When you first have children, they talk about the challenges of parenting. the struggles of a…
Quick reads
After decades of false starts, the moment has finally arrived
It's an embarrassment of riches in our weekly roundup of the world's most preventable disease!
LEVEL Editors in LEVELMember only content4 min read
How I pay less for exactly what I use Late last month, Apple launched its new subscription bundle, Apple…
Megan Morrone in DebuggerMember only content4 min read
Best in Cryptocurrency
Why this bull run is fundamentally different from 2017
Nic Carter17 min read
How to compare blockchains
Nic CarterMember only content24 min read
Most read
A lifetime of memories in and about the place where we rest our heads
Editors' picks
On November 12, 2020, Justice Samuel Alito warned the Federalist Society of "unimaginable restrictions" on…
David SackmanMember only content6 min read
Let go of the pressure to come out of this 'a better person'
Nora McInerny in ForgeMember only content3 min read
In 2020, there's no other choice

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