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Friday, November 27, 2020

The 20 Best Business Books of 2020 | Amardeep Parmar in Entrepreneur's Handbook

The 20 Best Business Books of 2020 | Amardeep Parmar in Entrepreneur's Handbook

Stories for blogger aja. The Hypocrisy of Dave Chappelle's Power Play. What I Hope To Learn From This Horrible, No-Good Year. Here's How George Clooney Accidentally Made $1 Billion.
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Stories for blogger aja
Today's highlights
A reading list for all entrepreneurs
He convinced Netflix to pull his old sketch show from streaming by saying it made him feel bad. Funny how…
Thoughts for a strange Thanksgiving
And how Ryan Reynolds copied him to earn $610 million more
In case you missed it
Two questions to eliminate dread and replace it with joy
Niklas GökeMember only content3 min read
Kotlin on iOS? Let's take a look
We'll walk you through this one, champ
Aliya S. King in LEVELMember only content5 min read
Quick reads
Maintaining holiday cheer shouldn't be your burden
Ashley Abramson in ForgeMember only content4 min read
You'll enjoy them more too.
I've been working on my Youtube channel a year for now. I'm amazed by how much progress I've been able to…
Best in Art
An attempt to invoke creativity within machines
Most read
What my obsession with collecting figurines says about me, a man who hasn't been 11 years old in decades
Paul Fuhr in Human PartsMember only content7 min read

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