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Friday, November 13, 2020

My daughter was a creative genius, then we bought her an iPhone | Stephanie Gruner Buckley in Modern Parent

My daughter was a creative genius, then we bought her an iPhone | Stephanie Gruner Buckley in Modern Parent

Stories for blogger aja. The 5 Traits People Will Secretly Adore You For. The Final Evangelical Reckoning of Donald Trump. How to Identify a Future Billionaire, According to a Legendary Investor.
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Stories for blogger aja
Today's highlights
My daughter used to be an artist.
Sometimes looks, charm, and magnetism aren't the main things people end up falling for
It's over.
Six-time unicorn angel investor, Jason Calacanis, talks about how he chooses his bets
In case you missed it
How to use this simple principle for you.
1. Establish artificial time constraints
Sometimes, developers write codes that impress the entire world and the hardware both
Quick reads
On the day of Joe Biden and Kamala Harris' win, the comic delivered a 'Saturday Night Live' monologue that…
Thanks for nothing — exit polls show that 55% of white women voted for Trump in 2020, even more than the 52%…
Why the President-Elect may not be as worried about the prospects of a gridlocked legislative branch as we…
Best in Race
11 years later, Grant's family finally sees the possibility of justice
Best in Science
Stopping greenhouse gas emissions may no longer be enough, but carbon capture is a promising option
Testing upon exit of quarantine — ideally around day six or seven — is more effective than upon entry, and…
What scientists are learning could make a difference in treatment
Emily Mullin in ElementalMember only content12 min read
Best in Self
I developed this coping routine based on my experience and the psychology textbooks I use as a trainee…
Best in Art
Thousands of people collect hyperrealistic vinyl babies — but how do they sleep at night?
Eve Bigaj in Human PartsMember only content8 min read
Most read
Insomnia, panic, and salvation through poetry
Editors' picks
The run-up to and aftermath from the 2020 election has been rough, and it hasn't been made any easier by the…
Derek Remund17 min read

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