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Sunday, November 15, 2020

5 Habits That Can Help You Be More Likable and Connect With Others | Sira M. in Mind Cafe

5 Habits That Can Help You Be More Likable and Connect With Others | Sira M. in Mind Cafe

Stories for blogger aja. How to Think Like Jeff Bezos. 7 Small Acts That Make You An Extraordinary Partner. Biden Won. But This Election Proves Just How Racist America Really Is..
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Stories for blogger aja
Today's highlights
Tips for building positive relationships.
Sira M. in Mind CafeMember only content9 min read
Success always leaves clues
Practice the golden rule of relationships
71 Million Americans Voted For Trump. Is White America Ready to Understand What That Really Means? There's a…
In case you missed it
#1 Dependency is not a bad word.
Make sure you have these clocked.
Zach was the most emotionally unavailable man I've ever tried to pursue
Carrie Wynn in AssemblageMember only content4 min read
Quick reads
#2. You will give without receiving
Carrie Wynn in AssemblageMember only content3 min read
Gerrard Gethings, a well-known animal photographer, was able to find multiple pairs of dogs and their owners…
Insider in InsiderMember only content4 min read
I've got beef with something I've unexpectedly stumbled across as a new parent.
Best in Art
Your paintings are monstrosities — and they're just what I need in these ridiculous times
Tirhakah Love in LEVELMember only content3 min read
Editors' picks
Please be careful this Thanksgiving
Tony Wright6 min read
Social platform addiction described through behavioral tendencies, and design to counter this.

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