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Saturday, November 7, 2020

5 Deeply Disturbing Facts About The Chris Watts Murders | Bertilla Niveda in Thoughts And Ideas

Stories for blogger aja. The Top 5 Non-Negotiables For Marriage. Financial Freedom Starts out Being Absolutely Brutal. 5 Essential Differences Between True Love and Toxic Love.
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Stories for blogger aja
Today's highlights
Unsettling details that Netflix didn't show you
Loving partners may not always agree, but there is mutual respect given, and opinions are appreciated.
Everything looks easy until you sit in a room for a day with a person who created something out of nothing…
Tim Denning in The AscentMember only content6 min read
Make sure you have these clocked.
In case you missed it
Happiness comes from subtraction, not addition.
An unexplained on-land anomaly makes its way "down under"
I had no idea when I would be ready to write this. Part of me thought it would be early on, when I was still…
chrissy teigen8 min read
Quick reads
Brianna Wiest: The right relationships get better, and easier, over time. Not the opposite way around.
Politics aren't just presidential, they're local too
Direct your ire at a lackluster two-party political system, not voters with poor choices
Tirhakah Love in LEVELMember only content4 min read
Best in Art
Wake up and appreciate the greatness of these criminally slept on heroes
LEVEL Editors in LEVELMember only content19 min read
Madhubani, which by one account means Forest of Honey, ('Madhu'-honey, 'Ban'-forest or woods) is a region in…
Vinita MathurMember only content9 min read
Best in Science
Aspirin may turn out to be a cheap and effective way to save lives and prevent lasting damage
Markham Heid in ElementalMember only content5 min read
Uncertainty can hijack our planning machinery and weaponize it against us
Markham Heid in ElementalMember only content5 min read
Editors' picks
White folks: Tread lightly. This election is testing what little patience we have left.
Marley K. in ZORAMember only content12 min read

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