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Friday, October 30, 2020

We Ignore the Most Critical Part of the Rent Versus Own Debate | Rocco Pendola in Making of a Millionaire

We Ignore the Most Critical Part of the Rent Versus Own Debate | Rocco Pendola in Making of a Millionaire

Stories for blogger aja. 5 Simple Things I Removed from My Life to Become Happier. The 2 Qualities to Look for in a Serious Partner. The Cold Mountain Effect Explains Why Incredibly Talented People Struggle to Achieve Their Goals.
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Stories for blogger aja
Today's highlights
Renting isn't throwing money away if it keeps you cash secure
Happiness comes from subtraction, not addition.
I grew up with two opposite father figures. They taught me what to avoid and look for in a serious partner.
Don't be too good for your own good.
In case you missed it
Life is a journey of twists and turns, peaks and valleys, mountains to climb and oceans to explore.
New ways to see the world, understand ourselves, and become smarter
Yes, he lost a lot of weight and yes, he survived. Here's how he did it
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The age difference wasn't the only problem with his plan
'Don't you have enough?' an ABC executive asked the legendary writer-producer-showrunner Shonda Rhimes
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Scientists have created a material which can conduct electricity without any resistance at temperatures of up…
Faisal Khan in TechnicityMember only content4 min read
Best in Science
Particle physics has its own Grim Reaper, the elephant in the room, which threatens our very existence.
Will Lockett in PredictMember only content11 min read
Best in Relationships
It's okay to lose a friendship
Naveen Kumar in ElementalMember only content4 min read
Most read
The type of love I feel for my grief therapy clients is something we can all cultivate
Editors' picks
COMMENTARY: Words don't seem to be eradicating these fallacies. Maybe images will help.
I started doing this when I needed it, and now I use it all the time

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