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Saturday, October 24, 2020

These 7 Tiny Clues Reveal Who You Are | Karen Nimmo in On The Couch

These 7 Tiny Clues Reveal Who You Are | Karen Nimmo in On The Couch

Stories for blogger aja. Dentists Are Seeing an Epidemic of Cracked Teeth. What's Going On?. Lavender Doe Identified After 12 Years. 8 Habits of Quiet Winners.
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Stories for blogger aja
Today's highlights
They inform you. They tell the world too.
When I reopened my dental practice in early June, the tooth fractures started coming in: at least one a day…
Internet web sleuths helped find her identity.
And how to create them so you can achieve a helluva lot more.
Tim Denning in The AscentMember only content5 min read
In case you missed it
New research on the "bimbo effect" will surprise you
Who swallows avocado seeds?
Three steps to six figures at 25 years old.
Quick reads
The best leaders ask more questions and give fewer answers.
A strategy for getting through the dark days ahead
James Ware in ForgeMember only content4 min read
what we've been taught about wealth is wrong
Best in Science
Scientists are using CRISPR to address the global organ shortage
Best in Self
These five grounding techniques—backed by science and ancient philosophy—help me worry less and enjoy life…
Best in Relationships
The ultimate self-improvement tool is something you already have
Alexandra Samuel in ForgeMember only content94 min read
Editors' picks
As an Afro-Latino growing up in Honduras, I became exposed to many misunderstandings regarding the…
When my print job vanished, I leaned on my expertise and paved my own way forward

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