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Saturday, October 31, 2020

There Will Be No Red Wave | David Leibowitz in Dialogue & Discourse

There Will Be No Red Wave | David Leibowitz in Dialogue & Discourse

Stories for blogger aja. One Of The Most Quoted Phrases From History Is Made Up And Mistranslated. Lily James Didn't Cheat By Herself. Why Engineers Cannot Estimate Time.
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Stories for blogger aja
Today's highlights
The myth of a blowout Republican Election Day turnout
And wrongly attributed to boot
Why do we *still* blame the other woman?
A statistical approach to explaining bad deadlines in engineering projects
In case you missed it
Not everyone is here for a lifetime
What no one's ever told you about having an incredible day
Bronze age changed by a rock
Quick reads
An unexplained on-land anomaly makes its way "down under"
Looking for trouble is as universal as finding it
The kid you were vs. the kid you have
Andrew in SlackjawMember only content2 min read
Best in Art
I get this question a lot. Here's my crack at a nutshell answer.
Best in Science
New research shows the U.S. is among the world's top plastic polluters but isn't doing its part to clean up
Most read
It's not about wallowing or self-care — it's about paying attention
Editors' picks
The key to avoiding burnout is to do just enough every day. While that advice is simple, it's challenging to…
Darius Foroux in ForgeMember only content3 min read

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