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Wednesday, October 21, 2020

A Rude Awakening is Coming for Trump and His Supporters | Frank Lukacovic in Dialogue & Discourse

 A Rude Awakening is Coming for Trump and His Supporters | Frank Lukacovic in Dialogue & Discourse

Stories for blogger aja. Burn Fat in Your Sleep, Start Tonight. This is Why She Didn't Contact You. The Curious Case of the Man Who Ate Nothing For Over a Year.
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Stories for blogger aja
Today's highlights
A Biden Landslide is on the way
One simple intervention at home can improve your metabolism while you sleep, and the positive benefits don't…
Tim ReesMember only content5 min read
Sometimes a woman wants to have a man by her side and her needs fulfilled. Unfortunately, she can't have her…
Yes, he lost a lot of weight and yes, he survived. Here's how he did it
In case you missed it
A compelling and superbly composed work of art with a powerful narrative
A side hustle that anyone can do
4. They have humility.
Quick reads
Especially if you support the Republican ideology
Shelly FaganMember only content3 min read
Once again, society is focusing on all the wrong things about Rebel Wilson's weight-loss journey
COVID-19 has thrown out the stigma that popular culture creates
Concoda in ConcodaMember only content3 min read
Best in Science
Everything that happened in the race to find a coronavirus vaccine this week
Companies are harnessing biotech to make bespoke milk
Best in Cryptocurrency
As a bitcoin writer, I get a lot of people asking whether "now" is a good time to buy bitcoin. Here's how to…
Editors' picks
So stop guilting yourself
Devon Price in ForgeMember only content8 min read
Contrary to popular belief, we really don't have it easier

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