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Khamis, 10 September 2020

How 20-Year Marriages End | Carrie Ashfield in P.S. I Love You

Stories for blogger aja. How to Tell He's a Boy, Not a Man. Everything I Want to Do Is Racist. 5 Foods You Shouldn't Buy at the Grocery Store.
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Stories for blogger aja
Today's highlights
Given a choice between happy or fine, I chose happy.
Because you need a man, not a boy.
How America's favorite farmer lost his way.
Chris NewmanMember only content8 min read
Make them at home to save some serious cash
In case you missed it
The Other Side of Consent
(That You Might Not Be Noticing)
Loopholes in lending laws are allowing cryptocurrency users to escape taxes — and the government can't keep…
Kieran Smith in OneZeroMember only content6 min read
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Pay attention to what they do, as well as what they say.
This is what our country will look like if Trump is re-elected
Write more intuitive code
Best in Cryptocurrency
This will prevent you from losing money as well.
Best in Self
Biking 100km — and impressing your friends in the process — isn't as hard as you may think
Best in Science
The insects are designed to control diseases like dengue and West Nile
Emily Mullin in OneZeroMember only content4 min read
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My sustained lack of motivation has forced me to question what that motivation was made of in the first place
Editors' picks
A study of men in Hitler's Germany shows how people allow tyranny to spread
Colin HorganMember only content7 min read
From The Nickel to Skid Row, the city needs more people telling its stories
Olivia Wilde shouldn't be directing a Marvel movie. Here's why.
Drew Magary in GENMember only content5 min read

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