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Rabu, 12 Ogos 2020

Stashing Might Be The Worst Dating Trend Yet | Refinery29

Ilustrasi lift barang sederhana

Stashing Might Be The Worst Dating Trend Yet | Refinery29

Stories for blogger aja. His Secret Girlfriend's Girlfriend Wrote Me a Letter. Why Python Written in Python Is Faster Than Regular Python. What Happens To Bitcoin When The Money Printer Goes BRRR?.

Today's highlights
By Erica W. Smith
Refinery29 UKMember only content3 min read
He told me he was cheating but there was a twist, and then another
We need to go deeper
2020 will see the cryptocurrency either sink or swim
In case you missed it
Sometimes what we don't do makes us unforgettable.
This is the transcript of a keynote talk I gave at EYEO 2017 in Minneapolis. An adapted version appears in my…
Jenny Odell44 min read
A brief history of the struggles faced by the black community in the 20th century and how the legacy of these…
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Wisdom from Charlie Munger
I am a climate change activist. I go to protests and make signs on recycled cardboard. I attend meetings with…
Hello everybody, we are going start the first part of Clean Code with Java session and today I am going to…
Roan MonteiroMember only content4 min read
Best in Art
By Amanda Mikolic, Curatorial Assistant for the Department of Medieval Art
Best in Science
Early in the pandemic, one theory as to why young Americans seemed to be harder hit by the novel coronavirus…
Dana G Smith in ElementalMember only content2 min read
Desperate pet owners must either buy illegal medications or watch their cats die
Carrie Arnold in OneZeroMember only content12 min read
You really don't want to catch both the flu and Covid-19
Best in Relationships
Everything I learned from analyzing my relationships for 6 months
Most read
My internal struggle as men at the gym keep trying to adopt me
Sometimes our greatest advocacy is nothing more or less than living as ourselves
Riley Black in Human PartsMember only content11 min read
On who we ignore, and why
Grace in Human PartsMember only content2 min read

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