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Tuesday, August 4, 2020

5 Habits of Truly Cool Couples | Sira M. in P.S. I Love You

5 Habits of Truly Cool Couples | Sira M. in P.S. I Love You

Today's highlights
Tips to make your relationship thrive.
Being a child while black has its consequences.
F. ColemanMember only content4 min read
The DayLife Army always seemed like a troll. Then it became a nightmare.
Trump Wants to Use Martial Law to Terrorize Americans — and Steal the Next Election
In case you missed it
For nearly the entirety of 2018, the cryptocurrency space has experienced the doldrums of a bear market and…
JaredMember only content7 min read
An introduction of Python built-in library — sqlite3
Not all of them are bad. And all the good things are do-able.
Quick reads
Author's Note:
You've got plenty of options as a programmer
Daan in Level Up CodingMember only content4 min read
Lessons from the Japanese concept of 'ikigai'
Amardeep Parmar in ForgeMember only content4 min read
Best in Art
Conflict between street artists reveals deep tension in a changing city
Getting to the bottom of one of the internet's most ridiculously drawn mysteries
Peter Slattery in OneZeroMember only content12 min read
Most read
The truth of your life is always there — and the more you hide from it, the worse it haunts you

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