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Wednesday, August 5, 2020

3 Non-Sexual Qualities Guaranteed to Make You Attractive to Every Woman | Leah Njoki in Hello, Love

3 Non-Sexual Qualities Guaranteed to Make You Attractive to Every Woman | Leah Njoki in Hello, Love

Stories for blogger aja. 7 Things Charming People Don't Do. If Black Lives Matter, Why Doesn't The Black Community Protect Them?. Modern-Day Slave Catchers on the Job in Galveston, Texas.
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Today's highlights
And how you can develop them.
Leah Njoki in Hello, LoveMember only content6 min read
Sometimes what we don't do makes us unforgettable.
A brief history of the struggles faced by the black community in the 20th century and how the legacy of these…
I n a scene straight out of every slavery novel or film ever produced, or the blood-soaked history in which…
In case you missed it
Because it's not just about political correctness
Experts say that to stay well, we need more 'zeitgebers' — things like light exposure, exercise, and…
BIPOC need you to be the Movement Greeters.
Quick reads
And it only takes 5 minutes to do.
Whether you're a skinny guy just starting or an experienced lifter, this one exercise will help you improve…
#4. They have grandiose fantasies that don't add up
Carrie Wynn in The ViragoMember only content4 min read
Best in Science
Inside the debate over how long the coronavirus lasts in the body
Best in Cryptocurrency
Everything you need to know before you start your journey
Best in Art
The visual album is robust with cross-cultural depictions of Black people, art, religion, and fashion
Gina Cherelus in ZORAMember only content5 min read
This is the transcript of a keynote talk I gave at EYEO 2017 in Minneapolis. An adapted version appears in my…
Jenny Odell44 min read
Best in Self
Dear friend: Your body language betrays your true thoughts in these troubled times
Sanjna N. Singh in ZORAMember only content5 min read
Most read
You don't get to disrespect me and still keep me
Late-night thoughts on whether life is worth living
Editors' picks
The lies we tell ourselves are such a comfy kind of bullshit
Drew Magary in GENMember only content5 min read

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