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Sunday, August 9, 2020

12 Little Things That Show People You’re Intelligent — Without You Having To Say It | Nicolas Cole in The Ascent

12 Little Things That Show People You're Intelligent — Without You Having To Say It | Nicolas Cole in The Ascent

Stories for blogger aja. My 'Just Sex' Relationship is Tearing Me Apart. Why I Don't Wear Bikinis. The Pros and Cons of Living Alone During the Pandemic.
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Today's highlights
I was at a breakfast meeting not too long ago…
But I don't have the self-respect to end it
It's not the reason you think.
The good, the bad, and the OMFG of it all
In case you missed it
by Ryan Whitwam
Forget rainforests. Here's the real source of our air — and why it's in danger
Although Egon Schiele had a short life, he managed to create more than 3000 drawings and 300 canvases between…
ål nikMember only content14 min read
Quick reads
I say it all the time..
Why did the Renaissance painters paint outright hilarious and grotesque depictions of baby Jesus
Tips for developing an observational sketchbook practice
Best in Science
Americans are faced with more risk than ever. Understanding how the brain navigates this new reality can…
Dana G Smith in ElementalMember only content26 min read
What are epidemiologists, virologists, and doctors putting on their (and their families') faces in day-to-day…
Here's what you should know
Markham Heid in ElementalMember only content6 min read
Best in Art
Many collectors disregard prints. Prints are often seen as mass-produced copies of famous artworks that are…
Art AcaciaMember only content6 min read
Most read
How 'How are you?' (and other meaningless phrases) came to dominate conversations everywhere

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