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Friday, July 31, 2020

Central Park’s Black Birdwatcher Betrays All Five Centuries of the Black Freedom Struggle | Herbert Dyer, Jr.

Central Park's Black Birdwatcher Betrays All Five Centuries of the Black Freedom Struggle | Herbert Dyer, Jr.
Today's highlights
Black Lives Matter is Latest (and Last) Chance White Americans have to get Get Right with Black People, with…
Although Egon Schiele had a short life, he managed to create more than 3000 drawings and 300 canvases between…
ål nikMember only content14 min read
Paul Cézanne has been called 'the father of modern painting' though his inspired innovations were often quite…
Remy Dean in SignifierMember only content6 min read
More than ever before, museums are essential — and endangered — in the wake of the pandemic
In case you missed it
As 'scientific' as our beliefs about reality may seem, they're still beliefs
Ed Elson in Human PartsMember only content5 min read
An open letter to my fellow Southerners
Tim Wise in Human PartsMember only content7 min read
Americans have always been suspicious of people who spend too much time in their heads
Quick reads
Now that everyone is at home and it is the summer holiday season, making giant soap bubbles are a great way…
This phrase will change the way you view food.
"I have all sorts of problems and feel discouraged"
Best in Art
Dutch artist Julie de Graag (1877–1924) had a unique style that captures plants and animals perfectly
Best in Science
Everyone says outdoors is safer. Here's why.
It may feel unnatural at first, but it's the best thing for your body
Most read
How we use language matters
My immigrant dad, the most embarrassing man on the planet, made no sense until I understood where he came…
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If you can earn $93k after completing a $300 course, then what's' the future of higher education?
A doctor explains 'inflammaging'

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